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Ephemera (V1)

How To Play

Click on the arrows to advance to the next junction. You may discover some friends along the way, but be careful what you touch. Allow autoplay for the best experience. The gates to Ephemera only open between 8PM and 5AM.


This game was my final project for one of my college classes. As such it's not optimized, and could use some more content added to it. I plan to redo it in the future sometime. The game is a walk through the fictional space of Ephemera, a strange demi-plane of human congition, of dreams, of what's been forgotten. There is no objective but to explore.

This game probably will not work with screenreaders, nor on mobile.

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How To Play

Click on the links given by the text, don your mask. There are multiple endings. CW: mentions of violence, blood, murder


Who are you when everyone around you wears a mask? Are you a hero? Are you a lover? Or do you just watch what happens.

This Twine game was a mid-semester project for the same college class that I made Ephemera for. It takes place in I guess what I'd call my vampire headworld. If I recall correctly, with all possible routes it's around 14k words? Maybe 18k? Don't ask me how I did it because I don't know.

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