About me

Hi, I'm Malusdraco also known as Malus also known as Axel. I like to do a lot of things, as you can probably tell by this site being... very a lot. I'm a fan of horror, fantasy/sci-fi, critters of all types, etc.

I don't really know what else to say, this will probably be edited later, but if you see this, Hi, thanks for being here!


  • Cohost: My main social media, sometimes I post art, sometimes I post opinions, usually I'm sharing things I think are cool. (technically NSFW but not in a horny way)
  • Letterboxd: I watch WAY too many movies, I put em all here though for better or for worse. Heavy on the opinions here.
  • Toyhouse: If you want to see my art, this is where I post the most of it. It's not all of it but I don't usually share sketches elsewhere. (Don't judge me for how many characters I have, okay?)

Commissions, etc

If you like what I do and want some of it for yourself, I have a Ko-Fi where I take commissions and offer some small zines.